Friday, April 28, 2006

Well, I'm not exactly sure what happened to Thursdays blog but along with my other post only being saved as a draft I don't seem to have any of the entry that I wrote from Thursday in Salzburg. Guess I need to start where I left off and see what I can remember.
I woke up the next morning to start exploring Salzburg. I didn't exactly get an early start but after my long night I wasn't too worried. After a nice buffet breakfast at the Hotel Golden Krone (crown, not old lady, can't find the stupid umlauts (sp?)) I went to a small internet cafe and posted the last message(apparently as a draft >,< ) and got some info about places to visit and a little weather update, which didn't look so good.
After that, I figured a good place to start would be Rick Steve's walking tour of the old town and it's many churches. That took a little while and provided quite a few photo opportunities. I had lunch at a small open air market in the middle of town. Some wurst, kraut and a Coca-cola to drink makes for a pretty decent lunch.
After lunch and a little bit of shopping, I took a nice hike up to Hohen Salzburg for a self guided tour of the old castle. They had some nice displays of the building of the castle and how it evolved over the years. There was also an interesting military history. Side note, I hate trying to remember all the stuff I did a couple days later. I had such a nice entry written before I lost it. :-( After the castle I walked through the town a bit more and did some people watching.
Took a walk through the Mirabell gardens and took more pictures there. At that point my legs were getting a bit tired so I decided head back to my hotel room for a few minutes before dinner. I went to a nice little Italian restaraunt for dinner that was above some of the shops in the center of old Salzburg. I was hoping for Chinese but they were closed. The lasagna was good but the Cesar salad was a bit odd. Very sweet compared to what I'm used to. Oh well, it was good anyway. Afterwords I went back to the hotel to try and get a room booked for the next day in Vienna. Little did I know the Vienna Festival is going on, which I found out the next morning from the hotel owner. I guess I didn't do quite enough research on that one. Change of plans then. Decided to head to Reutte in Tirol instead. Spend a day looking at castles, alps and such. Little did I know the drizzle in Salzburg would turn into serious rain in Bavaria/Tirol but more about that later.


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