Friday, April 28, 2006

The drive from Salzburg back to Munich was rather boring, autobahn and all. Still havn't pushed it over 100 yet as I'd like to at least get a few more miles on the car first. Cruising at 90-100 for short bursts is pretty fun though. Sure do close on slower cars fast though. Have to
really pay attention to your surroundings, not that you don't in the US, but more so. It's a good thing we don't have autobahn's in the US now that I've experienced them. Some woman putting on her make-up or some guy showing off to his friends in the car would probably kill several people a day. ( I know they're generalizations but you get the point) The road from Munich to Reutte however was very fun. Lots of twisties and I was fortunate not to have to follow anyone for most of the way.
Arrived at the hotel (Hotel Moserhof) at about 1pm. It's a great little hotel that I'd recommend to anyone wanting to visit Neuschwanstein, or just Bavaria/Tirol. Free parking (with about 5 covered parking spaces and many others uncovered) Free wireless internet in the lobby and great restaraunt. (family business, could use another server or 2)
When I woke up this morning it was pouring and I almost decided not to go to Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau, but I didn't come down here to sit around all day. Fortunately though, I didn't have to wait in lines even though I didn't reserve a ticket ahead of time. Both castles were pretty interesting and made me wish I knew more of the Wagnerian stories. The tours were a bit overpriced for their length, go figure for such a tourist trap. Guess it balances out with the free 2+ hour BMW factory tour. The walk to each castle was the only real downside. I decided I didn't want to pay the ~3 euro's for 2 really short bus rides so I just
walked to both. I got pretty soaked walking to Neuschwanstein but a little water never killed anyone. If not for the rain I probably would have stopped at a few more places in the area but instead just did more of a driving tour along part of the RomantischeStrasse and the AlpenStrasse. The Zugspitze looked a bit cloudy to make the 32 euro tram ride worthwhile.
I got Back in time to get dried off and do a little typing before dinner. Planning on driving up the RomantischeStrasse and spending an afternoon and morning in Rothenburg.
To Be Continued...


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