Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Spent the entire day Monaday at the Nurburgring. I took 4 more laps which were awesome, with a good amount of people and car watching in between. After the laps I did a bit more scouting for the race weekend and spent some time watching other cars along the course. This time I took pictures, lots. Took a couple movies also and was plesently surprised how well this camera does movies, for being a photo camera and being so compact.
I dunno if it's a coincidence or not but in my 1.5 days at the ring there were 3 accidents and all three were motorcycles. I don't know how bad they were but I'd have to imagine the weather had something to do with it. It made me glad to have a car around me.
My laps went better today than my first lap yesterday, but I guess that's to be expected. My first two laps were completely dry which was a nice change from yesterday but while the track was closed after the second accident of the day it started to drizzle a bit. Even though I don't have much experience with high performance tires the Bridgestones the car came with sure seem to handle the wet well.
I think I pushed it a bit hard on the first lap and wasn't very smooth. There were a couple corners that I completely missed and had to slow way down. The next three laps I tried to smooth it out a bit and even though I don't know how fast my laps were they sure felt faster. I was still getting passed quite a bit by faster cars and several smaller lower HP cars too. I guess it's good to know that the car can do a lot more but the driver definitely needs some work. I was most impressed by the drivers with small cars that probably had half the HP of mine and were absolutely flying. I'm going to be signing up for the first BMWCCA driving school that I can.
It was really amazing how many nice cars showed up today. I find it hard to believe that I just happened to come on such a good weekend. The Zakspeed Viper was taking people for rides, there were 3 Porche GT3's and a GT3 RS, Two other Porches were full on race preped so I'm not sure what they had under the hood, a Lamborghini Gallardo, a Ferrari 430, 2 Ferrari 360's, the team spec Subaru WRX was back, a TVR Tuscan, An M6 and M5, a couple Lotus Exiges, a Z8 and 2 M3 CSL's. Those are just the cars worth mentioning. It's not like the others were bad. As I mentioned at the start I spent some time along the track watching other people drive around. It was interesting watching everyone's lines and especially interesting watching the variety of cars. Everything from huge tour busses, big vans, the nice cars I mentioned earlier, and some tiny little cars. At one point in the day 6 full tour busses of mostly elderly people got in line and took their lap on the ring. Must have been pretty interesting for a bus. I don't envy the cars and bikes behind them that had to pass them during their laps though.
Overall it was a pretty awesome day. Got to break in the car the right way, on the ring. It was soooo hard to stay under 4k rpm. A few of my downshifts sent it to 5k or so but I'm not too worried about that.
Tomorrow I'll be heading up to Hamburg to meet up with Greg, the cousin I mentioned in previous messages. It'll be nice to have someone to show me around instead of having to plan out everything myself. I'll update again tomorrow.


Blogger Ms Jamiss said...

Hey, things sound pretty great. Mom and Dad asked me to pass on their best wishes. They're really enjoying reading about the trip and are impressed at all you're doing. We're all sure time is moving too fast for you, though it appears the car isn't. Give Greg a hug for us, and enjoy the drive.

9:29 AM  

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