Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Met up with Greg Tuesday night and we met three of his friends for dinner at a nice Thai restaraunt. I got a brief tour of Hamburg as we walked back from the restaraunt to where my car was parked by his work. Got a few suggestions for places to see and things to do for today as well.
As I was up rather late in the night I got started in the morning equally late. Everyone else had already left so after getting ready I headed down to the waterfront to take a boat tour of the harbor. It seemed like a good suggestion as so much of hamburg revolves around shipping and trade. I took quite a few pictures from the boat but unfortunately the glass added reflections to many of them and others had window sills or other obstructions in the way of getting a better picture so only very few turned out decent. The rest give you an idea what I was looking at, but are all in all pretty bad pictures. The tour was both in english and in german although the speakers were a bit quiet for all the ambient noise. Still though, I think I got most the main points. Got to see one of the Wallenius Wilhelm ships in dry-dock which was pretty impressive. There was also a huge container ship in dry-dock next to it getting some repairs done. We passed several old sailing ships and got to go through one of the many flood locks in the harbor.
After the boat tour I walked up to St. Michaels church to take a quick look and a couple pictures. I've seen quite a few churches this trip though and decided I didn't really need to go inside. The Koln Dom was enough for one leg of my trip.
I took a quick subway ride to the Rathaus(city hall) to look around a bit there as well. It's a nice looking building but nothing spectacular. It was worth a look though.
For most of the rest of the day I ended up wandering around Hamburg, looking at a few shops and doing a bit of people watching. I found a nice little place to get some food and took it to the square in front of the Rathaus to eat. There was street performer there singing Opera and was pretty decent for a street performer. I kind of ran out of things to do near the end of the day so I spent a bit more time lounging around but I can't say it was all bad. I'll have to wait till everyone gets home so I can see what's planned for tonight.
By the way, it's amazing how much construction is going on around his appartment. I count 12 cranes within a 1 block radius of their apartment.
I'm heading back to Bonn tomorrow to check back into the hotel and hopefully check out the BMW F1 exhibit at the track. I'll have to check the F1 site again to be sure the exhibit will be open Thursday.
Here are the pictures from Tuesday that I promised. Mostly of the Koln Dom, that and a cool fountain in front of the Dom. More pictures and journal to come. I also added the picture of the odometer as I passed break-in.


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