Monday, May 08, 2006

I thought it would be cool for a last post before getting home to post from 34000 ft. Give Connexion by Boeing a try.
Well, it's been a great trip and I've had a ton of fun. The grand prix was amazing. The only way I can describe it is as a spectacle. The sheer numbers of fans, the camping areas, It really was cool. I ended up sitting by a couple guys from the UK on one side, A guy a couple years younger than me from Canada who was backpacking through europe and there were 3 guys behind me from Seattle. Havn't been around that many english speakers since I left the states.
The only bad thing that's happened on the trip really, happened today. I forgot my MP3 player in the seat pocket of the short flight from Munich to Copenhagen. I remembered before I boarded the second plane but when they went back to look for it they couldn't find it so they told me to call the police's lost and found to see if it got sent there. I'll have to try to call them once I get home. There wasn't anything irreplaceable on it as I have copies of everything on my home computer but it still sucks. I guess these things happen though and I can still hope that the police have it and I can get it sent to me or someting.
I took a couple pictures out the window so I'll postone of those but I'm going to wait to post the others till I get home. I put it up full size (Edit: just noticed blogger resizes pics if they're too big). Greenland's pretty white huh?


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