Saturday, May 06, 2006

I'm posting Thursday Friday and Saturday together as I just got internet access.
Not too much to mention today. I missed the Mini Challenge race at the start of the day because there was quite a bit of traffic. It's been getting worse and worse each day so I'm definitely going to have to make an effort to show up early Sunday for the race. I bet it'll be a mad house.
The third F1 practice wasn't much different than the other two except it was a bit more busy. Porsche Supercup Qualifying was next followed by F1 Qualifying. It's amazing how much faster the F1 cars go. You can't get a good feel for it until you watch both go around the same track back to back.
The GP2 cars had their first race after the F1 Qualifying. It was a pretty exciting race and there was a pretty decent amount of passing which made it even better.
The drive home was equally slow as the drive to the track and people seemed especially impatient.
I may or may not get a chance to post again before I get back to the states so I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I did my vacation. After I get a chance to go through my pictures a bit more I'll put some up and I'll also try and host the videos somewhere so you can watch those also.


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